At Project 585 Physical Therapy we believe you can achieve anything through the right medical care, movement practice, and lifestyle changes.

Our clinic is is a private-pay, or fee-for-service, rehab and wellness center. What does that mean for you?:

We choose to work for the client rather than the insurance company. Insurance companies have very restricted contracts for physical therapy that can often times make reimbursement inconsistent and very poor. Because Project 585 Physical Therapy holds each client with the utmost value, we want to make sure we can provide the best quality, individualized care at every session. Not being restricted by insurance contracts allows us to provide care beyond comparison to other insurance based clinics. At an insurance based clinic, most patients have a co pay of $20-$75 per session, but are only seen by their PT for 10-15 minutes before they are sent off to finish exercises on their own or with an aide. Often times insurance based clinics also require the patient to come in 2-3 times per week for treatment. At a cash based clinic the client receives a full 60 minutes of the therapist's undivided attention an may be able to manage their symptoms in as little as one visit per week.

insurance vs cash based.jpg

Below are a few examples of how you will benefit from visiting a cash based Physical Therapist:

  • You spend your entire treatment session with your doctor (not sharing time with 3-4 other patients).

  • Your treatment plan is specifically individualized to you, your lifestyle, and your goals (more than just getting out of pain).

  • You get efficient treatment (you don't need 2-3 visits/week for months on end or hours spent missing work to attend PT).

  • We have a private treatment room with full gym access

  • We listen to your concerns EVERY session- as your needs change or progress, treatment is updated right away to make your healing time frame quicker

  • We set you up for future success. Our goal is improving quality of life, providing education to help you know your body, and giving you tools to prevent future disease or injury 

  • We help you reach injury prevention and performance goals 

Although we do not take in-network insurance, we can provide you with invoices for you to obtain out-of-network reimbursement and submit payment towards your deductible. Actual rate of reimbursement depends on your particular plan. In addition, we accept all FSA and HSA cards so that you can utilize the benefits given to you from your health coverage while still receiving superior care. 


Raechel graduated from Daemen College in 2012 with a bachelor of science degree and in 2014 with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. She practiced for the last 5 years in New York City where she completed both her Certificate of Applied Functional Science and Fellowship of Applied Functional Science (FAFS) through the esteemed Gray Institute to better understand functional movement. During her time in NYC, Raechel gained significant experience both rehabbing and preventing injuries in endurance athletes (although she is also proficient in treating the upper extremities, low back, and neck as well as patients post operatively). In addition to completing her FAFS, Raechel has also taken many classes through the Postural Restoration Institute and has participated in Functional Soft Tissue Transformation courses taught by Lenny Parracino (head massage therapist for the LA Klippers) to improve her manual therapy skills. When she’s not treating patients, Raechel is an avid distance runner and enjoys traveling and spending time with her friends, family, and puppy.