On a Run


Feeling like you're race times have plateaued? Have a nagging pain that hasn't stopped you from running, but won't go away? Curious how to improve your form to prevent future injuries? Book an analysis appointment with a Physical Therapist who has significant experience working with elite level runners to find out how mobility, strength, and "tweaks" to your form might take your runs to the next level.

Basic Analysis: $40

This 30 minute session includes an in person gait analysis on the treadmill through i-phone video and 2 personalized exercises, stretches, or warm ups that will help the client to improve their specific form issues.


In-Depth Analysis: $80

This 60 minute session includes a Basic Analysis also completed via iPhone analysis on the treadmill, but will include a personalized warm up routine, mobility routine, AND 1-2 strength exercises specific to the client’s specific form issues. You will also get an email copy highlighting key form issues, and videos of their personalized routine.