Sports Injury


Get stronger, heal faster and get back to life (and through rehabilitation) more quickly and with Project 585 Physical Therapy at your side. A full 60 minutes one on one with a physical therapist, treatment at Project 585 Physical Therapy will be unlike anything you have ever experienced with PT before. Whether we are treating you before, after, or to prevent surgery, know, that our goal is to get you stronger and pain free as quickly as is safely possible.


Some of the injuries and ailments that we treat include, but are not limited to: -Joint pain (ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist) -ankle sprains -ACL tears -Meniscus tears -Rotator cuff tears -muscle strains -joint sprains -plantar fasciitis -lateral epicondylitis -medial epicondylitis -back pain -neck pain -Sacroliliac (SI) joint pain -runner's knee -ITB pain syndrome -labral tears -If you're curious about treatment for an injury, not listed here, please feel free to call or email!

45 Minute Session Cost: $75